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Identified as Area 3

TPOSTCDD – Tampa Palms III is Identified as Area 3 and sits adjacent to the Tampa Palms Community. Today Tampa Palms III includes 7 separate villages ranging from townhomes, single family homes to apartment homes, financial, health and fitness centers and various shopping, financial, and home improvement businesses.

[ Our History ]

The responsibility of the TPOSTCDD in Area 3 is only to maintain the ponds it owns. However, he CDD has taken over the responsibility for maintaining city owned property and upgrading Area 3’s appearance to better match its adjacent Tampa Palms neighborhoods. This includes:

1. Installing new water lines, pumps and irrigation, plus mowing and planting 50 acres of turf, right-of-way’s, medians, and flower beds.
2. Replacing the existing landscaping contract with a significantly less expensive, high quality contract monitored by OLM. OLM is a landscape management company who inspects and evaluates the property monthly to evaluate the performance of the area’s landscaping company relative to its written contract. A detailed checklist of deficiencies is prepared and delivered along with an achievement score. Monthly payment to the landscaper depends on the rating achieved. This system has resulted in major improvements in the quality of the landscaping.
3. Maintaining street lighting, ponds and storm runoff.
4. Meeting all auditing and engineering requirements and guidelines.
5. Verifying that all area bonds are paid on time so that they will terminate as planned in 2018.
6. Replacing city street signage with specialized signage consistent with surrounding Tampa Palms neighborhoods.

Area 3 encompasses the following:

• Buckingham

• Compton Estates

• Stafford

• Chelsea

• Enclave Village

• Various Businesses

• Tuscany

• Emerald Point


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Tampa Palms III has no official website. The area outside the gates of the villages falls within the purview of TPOSTCDD (as outlined in this website). Inside the villages falls on their HOA set of rules (check your specific HOA website for specific details).

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